2012 Results

2012 Yellowtail Shootout

The 2012 Yellowtail Shootout had 47 boats with 165 angler competing for just over $30,000 in cash and prizes.

1st Place

Team #19 – Outlaw – 39.2-pounds

Prizes: $2,500 cash, 3 pairs of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, $150 in gift certificates from Catalina Offshore, 1 Salty Dawg Custom 2012 YTSO rod, 1 Melton’s Casting Rod, 3 Montauk Tackle shirts, 3 pairs of FishWorks’ shorts, AFTCO shirts, 3 Bubba Blade knives, $50 gift certifcate for Fisherman’s Processing and a 1-year subscription to FishDope.

2nd Place

Team #44 – On the Iron – 37.5-pounds

Prizes: $1,250 cash, 3 Penn rods, 3 spools of 40-pound Berkley Big Game line, 1 Bubba Blade knife, Everingham Bros. Bait Co. gift certificate, 2 Pacific Lures Jigs and a 1-year subscription to FishDope. Team On the Iron was also in the $100 dollar and $300 dollar jackpots and took home an additional $5,580 dollars.

3rd Place

Team #11 – Ashlea Dawn – 31 pounds

Prizes: $500 cash, Avet MX 2 speed, $50 gift cert to Fisherman’s Processing and 1-year subscription to FishDope.

4th Place

Team #29 – Hooked Up – 30.8 pounds

Prize – $375 cash. Avet SX, 1 Penn Rod and a 1 year subscription to FishDope.

5th Place

Team # 27 – Team El Dorado – 30.4 pounds

Prizes: $250 dollars, Avet SX, $60 dollars in gift certs from Bay Park Fish Company and a 1-year subscription to FishDope.

Dash For Cash

Team Mad Lamb brought the first fish to the Dana Landing Fuel Dock at 12:32pm to collect the Dash for Card $1500 Dana Landing gift cards. Mad Lamb also took home the $500 dollar jackpot winner to collect $2,700 dollars.

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